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Closing the Achievement Gap: The Role of Policy

Over the past 50 years, closing the achievement gap has been a strong focus in shaping educational policy. While there have been some positive shifts since then, the gap remains significant for certain groups of students.  One of the first major efforts to combat the achievement gap was the No

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Closing the Achievement Gap: What Parents Can Do

The achievement gap is evident by the time children start kindergarten. This is known as the school readiness gap, which refers to the differences in academic performance and social skills among children entering kindergarten and first grade. The learning that takes place before children enter school sets the foundation for

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Closing the Achievement Gap: What Teachers Can Do

School districts across the country are struggling to close the achievement gap- the differences in educational performance among students of different races, genders, and socioeconomic statuses. As educational attainment is one of the strongest predictors of health and well being, the achievement gap presents a great threat to our nation’s

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Why Afterschool Programs Matter

The average school-aged child spends 80% of their waking hours outside of school. These hours are crucial to their overall development, which is why every community should     have quality afterschool programs.  Afterschool programs provide enrichment opportunities for students of all ages. Whether it’s art, sports, or computer coding,

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The Benefits of Social-Emotional Learning for Elementary Students

As research continues to uncover the benefits of social-emotional learning (SEL), the demand for SEL programs in schools is on the rise. School districts are beginning to understand the importance of social-emotional learning, and here’s why: First, studies show that social-emotional learning is highly effective in improving students’ emotional well-being

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College and Career Readiness for Elementary Students

By 2027, economists predict that 70% of all jobs will require some education beyond high school. As more jobs are requiring some level of higher education, college and career readiness programs have become increasingly important among K-12 students.  Effective college and career planning starts in kindergarten and should continue throughout

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