Let’s Get Creative! SEL and Creativity

Inspiring creativity is something that even the most dedicated of creators can have trouble with. Sometimes the passion and excitement for something exists, but finding the right outlet can be a bit taxing. With this article, we’re hoping to provide some insight into how to facilitate, hone in, and develope creative minds in conjunction with emotional learning.

Take Classes!

Either theater, art, gardening or other, enrolling in a class can be a great way to facilitate some growth and connect into different groups of friends! Enrolling your child in a class by themselves, or with you tagging along, can inspire them to have interest in something they may not have ever chosen! In a class, there is still structure and leader, but they are now out of their comfort zone and working with others in a new way! 


Games can be a fantastic way to get the creativity flowing! Candy land, chutes, and ladders, or any other board game can act as a spark to ignite interests and ideas. Problem solving and creativity tend to go hand in hand, and playing games is an excellent way to navigate solving problems while getting to giggle, have some fun, and get creative. Some of the best Storytellers felt the most inspired when playing a board game and playing through a story.

Creative Writing – “Pop up!”

Depending on age, this may be tricky to do. However, when led right can be a great exercise! Firstly, as the leader, the parent or teacher will start telling a story, have your students listen and then have one student write one sentence they feel fits in the story. Read that next sentence after the teachers finished section. Then the next student can fill in what happens next! By the end, all of your students should have written a sentence and you’ve all collaborated to write a story! This can also be completed without writing and by calling the student to orally present what they think should happen next! 

Library Time!

Libraries are amazing avenues to unlocking creativity and generating beautiful ideas. Whether it is popping in for a storytime read by library staff, playing in the children’s zone, or allowing your child to pick out a book or two themselves, the library is a fantastic resource. Most teachers will provide books for book reports, however taking a trip to the library and allowing your students to pick out a book can have a great effect on their interest level.